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...creativity speaks

CeePlus is a design agency that gives quality attention to design details, with focus on logo design, product branding, printing, creation and editing of videos and general graphics.

CeePlus design



CeePlus Media is a Nigerian based design agency that is strongly devoted to creativity. We have collaborative qualities used in creating effective designs; designs that convey desired idea of your business or brand.

Our passion is to tell compelling stories with design and artwork. We look out to fulfill your expectations on all aspect of design, we help you to communicate and convey ideas to the audience through design.

Our aim is to relay good jobs that fully satisfy our customers, dishing out designs the best way they should be.
There are three responses to a piece of design; Yes, No and WOW!. WOW is the one to aim for


What we do


Give your audience reasons to choose you, let's get you an outstanding brand identity that speaks for you.

Content creation

Looking to convey your ideas with words?... We provide compelling words for adverts, products and videos.

Logo design

We create logo designs that perfectly match your business, company, name and mark.


We offer a wide variety of printing services which include Plain Tees, Banners, Business Cards e.t.c.


We create videos and matching contents for both general and marketing purposes.


We love to see you smile through what we offer.
We are never away!.